I’m not a Canadian but this bar sounds crazy and who wants to sit in a bar that isn’t crazy? As spirits flow, you want to be carried along in a stream of conviviality, experience bursts of laughter, hear jokes you never heard before that are really funny, and only fall down once or twice on the way home with someone,you, at least, get along with. Crazy Canuck’s Bar was mentioned in Trip Advisor so I make a pilgrimage. Sitting at the counter for happy hour, several patrons use free wi-fi and have Belikin beer, the national beer of Belize from the Mayan Temple. I like to hear bald faced lies and a bar is the best place to hear tall tales, ghost stories, gossip and real island news. At Crazy Canuck’s the weekly schedule runs the gamut from crab races, to trivia, to karaoke, to live reggae. After a half hour at the counter, bar regular Alan shakes my hand and tells me about a weekly Wednesday event that will happen Tuesday this week because elections are Wednesday and the bar is closed on election day. ” We call it the Walkaholic Walk, ” he explains.  ” We take a hike down the beach, without stopping. Then, on the way back, we start drinking…… ” ” I’ll go, ” I say, ” What time? ” ” Eleven. ” Drinking and walking is more healthy than drinking and driving.
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