Sunday is FunDay at Crazy Canuck’s. Three to seven, the Cover Ups hammer out reggae, Santana, Jimmy Buffett and pop songs from last year and yesteryear. As the band powers up, an investment conference concludes with a drum roll and attendees shut notebooks on establishing money havens, protecting capital, and growing nest eggs. Reggae is a music of choice in the Caribbean. When the song is over the lead singer reminds me that singing is spiritual and takes him to a different realm and sometimes he goes into a trance. During a band break he chats up a stunning black girl at the end of the bar and he isn’t looking at her with spiritual eyes. Reggae has its own sound. It takes a while to understand the words, but that will come. Places move at their own speed, and, San Pedro Town isn’t going to speed up, just for me. Reggae and waves compliment each other. You don’t have to understand what they are saying to enjoy their melody.    
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