Kids go to school to learn, all over the world. This Monday morning is a new week at a local primary school. Some kids, I observe, are smiling while others are not overjoyed, but most children all over the world go to school where they grow up and are introduced to what is necessary and proper to become functioning adults. Cursory research  states that 2/3 of the population of Belize are teens or younger, education is compulsory to 14 years, 70% of the teachers have professional training , a sizable minority of children don’t go past primary school. The best schools are run by the Catholic church who, some say, should never be allowed around kids. Education opens futures for people, but the future here favors well financed foreigners with MBA’s who take calculated risks, have financing, study trends, and use money to make money. Poverty, limited finances, and lack of education are all legs of the same creaky stool that keeps people depressed for a lifetime. These kids, from where this ex teacher sits, look content,are sent to school with backpacks, a clean uniform, and, hopefully, homework done last night before bed. While school tries its best to civilize them, there is little doubt that parents are still the prime reason behind kid’s early success or failure. Those kids who succeed here, at this school, will stay in school longer and won’t stay on this island long. In a world economy, good jobs seem to naturally go to the most skilled.  
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