In the saxophone family you have a number of siblings. The shortest boys, who sing the highest, are the C Melody and Soprano saxes. Then you move to Alto and Tenor Saxes who are the most common kids on jazz bandstands. At the back of the parade you have Baritone Sax. The lowest voiced saxophone, and biggest of all – the Contra-bass saxophone- seldom gets out of its case because it is an elephant at the tea party. This afternoon Sax Therapy performs in Old Town during the annual Albuquerque balloon festival.  Dressed for this performance in suits, the quys move through their songbook with style.  A few listeners take photos, engage the musicians in conversation, and dance, especially when the ensemble launches into a spirited version of  ” When the Saints Come Marching in. ” The guys play like a family, and, on this song, a happy family. Everyone knows their part and they play well together. Sax Therapy is therapy everyone can use.  
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