Next to Ms. Sue’s is a house with an upstairs and a downstairs.

Upstairs is rented to two east Indian scientists who run the Christianville lab on infectious diseases. Downstairs is a small two bedroom apartment, furnished, for guests at Christianville. Being a solo traveler, this is the place for me and my suitcase. My costs for room and board are small because I am a working volunteer.

This house is shaded by mango trees and my apartment has a refrigerator and stove, a kitchen sink,a fully functioning bathroom with a cold shower, whenever I need one. There is electric here but no TV and no wifi. Ceiling fans keep air moving and screens keep mosquitoes mostly outside. In early morning. sunlight streams through the apartment’s louvered jalousie windows that have no curtains. Rebar provides security and the water, drinkable, comes from a nearby well.

The only shocks here are midnight mango’s hitting the tin roof with the force of bombs, and Lucky, the mother dog, barking at shadows that threaten her pups who live in an old opened suitcase under the front porch of my apartment.

The accommodations are what they are, and this is home for two weeks.

Being thankful for bad things you don’t get is a travelers best mindset.







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