Gecko’s are ubiquitous, strutting on television commercials, hiking up walls, screens, lounging on tree branches around my Haiti home. This gecko doesn’t stay long enough for introductions and moves away quickly as I approach. In a shutter click he is off the screen and down into the underbrush,his green body lost in thick vines. His best feature is his unrelenting hunger for mosquito’s. Mosquito’s are a Haiti problem, as well as the diseases they carry. Besides dengue fever and zika, mosquito’s carry malaria. Most volunteers with church groups from abroad pop big orange malaria pills, started two days before a visit and carried on a week after getting home. We are all shot full of strange potions and wipe ourselves down with insect repellent first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This gecko has eaten his fill on my porch screen, and, for that, is a master of pest control. I will celebrate his return this evening as he runs up and down my screens like a freestyle rock climber. I really love the fat lizards who don’t care about looks and wag their tongues, like fingers, as if to say, ” You ain’t gonna eat more than me tonight. ” Gecko’s are not reptiles that everyone hates. They have style.  
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