Begun in 2014, Scotttreks is a rolladex of Scott’s time travels for those who remember what a rolladex looks like, what it was used for, how it was used, until computers sent them to antique auctions. Hot on Scotttrek’s trail, I flip back to 2014, to Uruguay, to the beginning. Usually, things that make trips worth remembering and posting about, makes them look even better when I relive them.  In Scotttreks, little moments are everything.There is no crew to blame for screw ups, and, in President Truman’s famous words, ” The buck stops here. ”  Flipping through the last five years, like a kid eating cotton candy, it isn’t hard to see how travel,writing, and picture taking grabbed me. Somewhere down this travel pipeline, I’ll get past putting things down on paper, leave my phone and computer at home, sip pina colada’s on a far away beach close to my little room in a modest local guesthouse feeding the landladies cats as the sun goes down into the ocean. At my most favorite local cafe a dark skinned waitress will smile as she fills my coffee cup and suggests that I get back to writing and taking pretty pictures. I will smile back and sweetly say, ” Tomorrow is the day. ”  
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