There is a lively street art scene in Cuenca.

One can google Cuenca Street Art and find examples I haven’t met yet.

At an intersection where traffic moves from the Rio Tomebamba into the Historical District there are two skeletons on an exterior wall of a building cavorting amid a glorious cactus patch. The scene is reminiscent of ” Day of the Dead ” in New Mexico, a yearly Mexican celebration that sees skeletons come out and remind people of their mortality.You can bet the person on the other side of the glass in front of you didn’t know they were going to be an object of display.

These two skeletons are full of life and the inscription above both reads ” Salud a la Vida. ”  On a sunny day the colors in this mural are vivid. On one end of the wall is the artist’s signature ” Juli 2015. ”

Just over the top of the skeleton’s grinning heads, in Plaza Otorongo, you can see Santa waving at street traffic and strolling tourists.

In a weird way, celebrating Santa is as weird as celebrating skeletons.

Fantasies and nightmares both come from deep places.






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