There are surprises on walks, many of them small, many that will be missed if you are not in the right mind to see them. My first surprise this morning is horses in Calderone Park that kids can ride, pushed by a man. These equines roll easily on park paths. They look well fed, have saddles and reins, and come in all sizes. They appear real till you see their marble eyes and tongues that look like the end of Santa’s sock. Another surprise is on a bridge crossing the Rio Tomebamba.There are three sets of locks, knotted together on a bridge railing. This might have begun as a protest, but, more than likely, a prankster kicked it off with one lock and chain with others jumping on board later. There is a similar, much larger, collection of locks knotted together like this in a Montevideo business district so I know even the zaniest things happen all over the world and I, or you, will not likely come up with something new under the sun.  A third surprise today is street art on walls leading down stairs to the river. Colorful, eccentric, imaginative, even obscene, the shapes, colors, and graffiti are difficult to ignore.  Even though I go looking for odd , I don’t want too much of it. Without a lot of sameness, odd is not very interesting. I speculate that Heaven is the only perfect place only a few are ever going to see. and, even in Heaven there will be a few loose strings and butt cans to be emptied. Even angels have a hard time quitting cigarettes.  
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