Looking where you walk in unfamiliar places is a very good idea. On morning walks down Luis Cordero, through Parque Calderone, I ramble down stair steps, take a quick scamper over a bridge across the Rio Tomebamba, and park my creaking bones at the Gringoland McDonalds where Wi-Fi is still free and the coffee cup is almost bottomless. Customers come and go throughout the day and sometimes are entertaining. Sidewalks and streets in Cuenca’s historical areas all have bumps and grinds that would make a stripper happy and there are multiple opportunities to take a tumble if I didn’t pick my feet up. When walking here you keep eyes open because if you fall in Ecuador it is never the sidewalk’s fault. In a foreign port you can sue if you have a mind too but you will be assigned a lawyer that speaks a language you don’t understand,the jury will never be of your peers, and the courtroom will be full of strange rules. In a foreign country, the best thing to do is watch where you step, all the time. Sidewalks,it seems, aren’t worth a look until you spend a morning taking pictures of them. Looking at the world, from shoe level, gives you a different perspective. Even in 2015, we still spend a lot of time on our feet.  
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