There is political and social unrest around the world. This protest in Parque Calderone centers around recent Constitutional Amendments approved by the National Assembly in Quito. Ecuador has a representative democracy and it is written in their Constitution that the people must directly vote on changes to their Constitution. This protest focuses on four of 12 recent amendments. The first eliminates term limits for some elected officials. The second affects the right of government workers to organize and strike. The third concerns the use of the military for police work. The fourth deals with freedom of speech and press. The police presence is odorous and they use tear gas, swat teams, and horses to keep protests isolated and small. People trying to join the protest, or see it, are diverted away from the conflict. What is striking is how few  come out to protect their rights being changed by the stroke of someone else’s pen. Too many people aren’t protecting their freedom. Too many people still fantasize that the State is their friend.  
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