There are Christmas lights already being hung in Parque Calderon. On balconies, in store front windows and living rooms, trees are dressed with lights, nativity scenes, tinsel, peppermint sticks and brightly colored Christmas ornaments. This little parade, of two vehicles, is driving down a Cuenca thoroughfare and Santa, with his pink dressed assistant, is tossing candy to kids, adults, and spectators. Two elves take pictures with their cell phones and  a cynic would swear that Christmas gets earlier and earlier each year and boys and girls are never nice enough to deserve treats. Still, the Grinch is no where to be seen, busy plotting mischief for the more inopportune times. This may be, after all, just a moving advertisement, but all enjoy the spectacle. Watching a man with a white beard wearing a red suit and a red cap with a snowball on its end is infinitely more fun than filling orders, breaking out concrete or cooking soup for the lunch trade. Tis the season to be jolly.  
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