There are volunteers this week, from Indianapolis, who lend fifty hands. On our work menu is covering up a newly installed septic tank, filling in a washed out area around the clothesline, spreading gravel in areas that get muddy and cause kids to track mud into the home, sanding and refinishing kid’s beds, making new friends. Work goes quickly when spread among many, and, by the end of two days, much has been accomplished The septic tank is buried, the washout is gone, beds, with a fresh coat of stain and polyurethane, match up with their mattresses. Most of us work our own pace and some of the kids help, curious, wanting to try their hand. Volunteers come and go, but kids, and staff, are here long term. Nobody here thinks they can do everything by themselves. The desire to help is a common Christian directive, and helping others, I am told frequently, by church folks, is something “we don’t have to do, but we get to do.”  
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