This Palace, or house, dates to the early 1500’s.

It was built as a present for the son of Christopher Columbus who lived here and in Europe as circumstances dictated.

There were plenty of rooms since the royalty had many visitors but there was no electricity, chamber pots took care of personal business, hot baths were drawn up by servants for the ladies of the house and food spoiled quickly with no refrigerators. Heat was generated by wood fireplaces and kitchens most often were located outside the home because smoke would get noxious in the main house.There were no closets and you looked out at the vistas through large openings cut into the stone walls of the square box that was your house. There would have been stables and repair shops and quarters for staff surrounding the house and the son of Columbus would need help from a wife to co-ordinate the day to day needs of the family.

Walking through the casa, the huge, thick, stone walls were not cozy. The clothes the royalty wore were hand made with the finest cloths and craftsmanship. There were crosses everywhere to remind that we are not of this world too long, here by the Grace of God.

The pictures speak for the place.

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