News is only a bulletin board away. The Rainbow Grocery is South Fork’s main grocery and, besides food, you can buy fishing licenses here, camping gear, lures and flies, ice and bug spray. Right on the main drag, it is next to the Rainbow Motel , close enough to walk to on a chilled morning. Their bulletin board is so full of notes it needs some cleaning up by an assistant manager, or higher. Their bulletin board has all the standard fare – ads for travel trailers and ATV’s, promos for upcoming Art Shows and Music concerts,cabins for sale, who to call to get your septic tank pumped.. If you need your dog groomed, your health improved, a place to live, a place to worship, you have times and dates and phone numbers. Most people’s most important messages, though, will never make the Bulletin Board. Their special notices will stay locked up deep inside their hearts waiting for the right person to reveal them too. I don’t want to know any deep secrets this morning and am relieved to see only trivial stuff. I’m looking for what real estate goes for here in a place that is too cold for me to ever want to live. I don’t want to know why someone can’t find love in a world precious short of it. Warning about the side effects of exercise, however, are mildly amusing.  
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