It turns out to be a good hike. There are less than 10 walkers this morning but numbers will grow to over twenty five as tourist season picks up. One of the most difficult tasks is learning names of the group so I make myself crutches.  Dean has a goatee, Dale has a pony tail, Charlie has sand flea bites, Eric smokes a cigar, John has  big glasses and likes to tell jokes, Scotty brought his dog and is sometimes called Eric, Dino walks with a limp and has to ride a golf cart, Larry has a blue baseball cap, Rabbit looks like he just came out of Alice in Wonderland. Alan is a quiet guy with a mustache. This expedition the pace is slow, you drink at your own speed, people talk about who is on the island, who is coming to the island, who left the island. There is discussion about a man who got himself stabbed to death but it was ruled an accident, officially. Unofficially, he slept with the wrong someone. There is talk about how cold it is in Canada, appointments to get wi fi, prices paid to rent on the beach so you get a good breeze and don’t need air conditioning. Sports is covered, politics is quickly dismissed as a fool’s game, and your personal issues remain fair game even if you don’t bring them up. We leave at eleven in the morning and don’t get back till five in the afternoon. We walk more than two miles, visit four bars, have lunch at one, and all hands are safely accounted for. I’m going next Wednesday and will wear my official T shirt. I don’t have to read newspapers to learn news that counts in San Pedro Town.
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