Martial arts has moved forward since Bruce Lee dazzled with new fighting styles and choreographed movie fight scenes that are classics. Now, real fighting happens on cable TV and the ancient ” Friday night at the fights” has been trounced by MMA cage fighting. This remains the most brutal action available and those stepping in the ring seriously have to know that if they are not in the shape of their life the other guy or girl will clean their clock. This morning in San Pedro Town a lesson is in progress. Fighting still happens here and issues are resolved the old fashioned way. This maestro explains theory, then shows it. Watching, it is clear he knows what he is talking about, takes his art serious, and  gives good knowledge. He doesn’t look in the best shape but I wouldn’t want to mix it with him. There is talk of physics, motion, momentum, following your punch or kick, spinning and deflecting, picking your spots, defense, body weak points, take downs, not hitting and backing away to give your foe a chance to regroup, using elbows, knees and skull, twisting your knuckles as you strike. Fighting is an art, but, bottom line, it is avoiding confrontation, and, when you have no other choice, taking your opponent out quickly before he does you damage.  Holly Holm, the preacher’s daughter, just put  Albuquerque, New Mexico on the map in her title bout against Ronda Rousey. This martial arts lesson has my full interest.
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