News is only a bulletin board away.

The Rainbow Grocery is South Fork’s main grocery and, besides food, you can buy fishing licenses, camping gear, lures and flies, ice and bug spray. Right on the main drag, it is next to the Rainbow Motel , close enough to walk to on a chilled morning.

By September, tourism will begin to slow and cabins for rent will be shut down. The town of South Fork will shrink to hundreds instead of thousands. Deer on the roads won’t have to be as vigilant. Locals will gather in small cafes early in the morning and talk politics, weather, and football.

Bulletin boards have been around all the way back to Colonial Days when Ben Franklin penned ” Poor Richard’s Almanac” and ran off broadsides against the tyranny of King George. They are still, most everywhere, and provide windows into the heart of communities and organizations. 

This bulletin board has standard fare – ads for travel trailers and ATV’s, promos for upcoming Art Shows and Music,cabins for sale and services. If you need your dog groomed, your health improved, a place to live, a place to worship, you have times and dates and phone numbers.

It turns out this board looks the same as boards in Padre Island, boards in Belize, boards in Ecuador, boards in Haiti.

Most people’s most important messages never make the Bulletin Board. They stay locked up deep inside their hearts.

I’ve seen nothing on this board this morning that goes that deep.



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